A French Restaurant in Beijing

What is the secret behind Cafe de la Poste, the French-iest of Beijing's French restaurants? Simple: savory and tasty food like the cuisine of your neighborhood bistro, generous bartenders, and always something fun happening! Stop by anytime for dinner, a drink or who knows what else...

Stop to le Beaujolais Nouveau

Morgon, Chiroubles, Chénas, Juliénas, Saint Amour, Brouilly, Côtes de Brouilly, Fleurie, Régnié, Moulin à Vent...

Come celebrate the 10 Crus du Beaujolais at Café de la Poste ! 

House of La Poste's Voodoo Night

The House of La Poste is opening a portal to the steamy underworld and all manner of mindless ghouls, sexy succubi, voodoo dolls and other demonic creatures are welcome.

Baron La Croix will be there to reanimate your corpse : face painting from 6pm to midnight.

Papa Legba will send your spirit to the underworld with our own specially-blended voodoo potions.

Fête de la Musique / Music day festival

Beijing Restaurants Awards 2013

Whether you're a tartare afficionado, a death by chocolate lover, or you enjoy Café de la Poste's unique atmosphere, express yourselves and vote until the 8th of March !


Valentine's Day : Adam, Eve and the Snake

Thursday 14th of February : Come embrace the Sin in Café de la Poste !

Lovers' menu : 188 yuans/pers

Dîner de Fromages

Cheese dinner on 23rd of january at Café de la Poste ! 

St Marcelin, Langres, Cantal, Comté, Roquefort and Münster unite for a soft

Bonne année 2013

The Café de la Poste team wishes you a wonderful year 2013 !


New Year's Eve : I think it's time for a party, don't you?

1920's Speakeasy

Paris meets Chicago

Parisian cocktails

Bubbly champagne

New year's eve menu 428 yuans/pers

A family Christmas in Café de la Poste

Christmas Menu (on reservation) 428 yuans/pers.

Everything must go !

Come celebrate the end of the world in Café de la Poste ! Trade your material possessions for the last and greatest night of everybody's life ! Look at the bright side : no hangover on the next day !


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