A French Restaurant in Beijing

What is the secret behind Cafe de la Poste, the French-iest of Beijing's French restaurants? Simple: savory and tasty food like the cuisine of your neighborhood bistro, generous bartenders, and always something fun happening! Stop by anytime for dinner, a drink or who knows what else...

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" European pub culture is not solely about drinking and bars are not only places to frequent at night; they represent a form of daily leisure, and the ambiance, food and drinks also varies by country. Tristan Macquet, a French co-owner of the neighborhood establishment that has brought French flavor to Beijing’s historic Lama Temple area since 2006 with Café de la Poste, tries to combine a bit of Europe and China. 

“Café de la Poste recreates the atmosphere of a typical French bistrot here in the middle of the old Chinese hutongs: chalk written menu, old wooden bar carved by hundreds of drinkers' elbows and half empty glasses of the cheapest pastis in the world” Macquet says. 

They also hold celebrations such as French National Day on July 14 and "Soirée des 100 culottes.” For those scratching their heads, “Sans-culottes” does not only refer to the name given to the French revolutionaries who could not afford and thus went without, or “sans” the puffy decorative silk trousers, called ‘culottes,’ worn by the bourgeoisie. “100 culottes” is also a play on words, since ‘sans’ sounds like ‘cent,’ meaning a hundred. 

“Thus, it is now the party of 100 pants,” explains Macquet. The bloomers are hung on the wall of the bar, and the person to pin the hundredth pair on the wall wins a bottle of champagne. "

Extrait de This is the Life, Mars 2012 par Andrea Hunt